ROBODRILL offers a multitude of solutions to ensure the safety of roof supports:

• … With high productivity
➢ Increase the speed and quality of installation
… In a secure way
➢ Avoid human presence by mechanization

Umbrella Roof Piping

ROBODRILL is familiarized with umbrella roof drilling, with steel pipes, for more than 20 years. This technique by mean of conventional drilling jumbos is easy and doesn’t require the jumbo to be modified.

Our jumbos have been used for that application on many worksites around the world (Hong-Kong, France, Corsica, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Canada and Australia) 

Mechanized and Automatic Bolting Systems

Main Objectives

Safety      ➢  Avoid human presence in the bolting work zone

Efficiency  ➢ Improve bolts installation timing and quality

Versatility  ➢ Adaptable to various bolts type and length

ROBODRILL has designed and operated different mechanical systems, able to install a wide range of different bolts according to jobsite requirements:

  • Pre/Post grouted bolts
  • Resin or Grout based bolts
  • Inflation bolts (Type Swellex)
  • Various lengths and diameters
  • Etc…

The systems can be fitted in various machines, and are operated from a single control panel, in a safe place (enclosed cabin, canopy roof, remote area, …)